Do you allow IRC?

IRC Servers/Clients/Bots/Bouncers are allowed for personal use.

 Are VPSs reliable? Couldn't someone else's application crash my server?

Virtual Private Servers are private, isolated, environments. You can rest assured that your...

 Are VPSs secure?

Yes, when operating in a shared hosted environment, even with all the appropriate security...

 Can I choose which distribution to run?

Yes, you can. We have multiple distribution to choose from! If we don't have your flavor, let us...

 Can I get a speed test?

Germany Datacenter:

 Can I run my own kernel?

Yes, you can run custom Linux, BSD or other kernels on our KVM service.

 Can other user activity influence my server performance?

No. Your virtual private server is completely isolated from other users.

 Do you allow BitTorrent / P2P?

Yes, provided you don't transfer anything illegal.

 Do you offer additional IP's?

We do offer additional IP's at an added cost of $2/IP/month.

 Do you support OpenVPN/FUSE/PPTP/etc?

 Yes. As these plans are powered by KVM, almost anything that will work on a dedicated server...

 If one of the users overuses the main server's resources, will it make my site slower?

No, it will not. We provide you with a kit of resources which guarantee your site up and running...

 What features are available at our client area?

Manage multiple VPS from one accountView bandwidth usageView disk usageView memory usageVNC...

 What is the connection speed on my VPS?

Each VPS is featured with a 1Gbps connection speed.

 What software can be installed on my VPS?

Since a VPS is functioning like a dedicated server you can install almost any software products...

 What virtualization?

We utilize KVM Virtualization for all of our Virtual Private Servers.

 Where are your servers located?

All our servers are located in world-class datacenters in Germany,France and Canada.